Casino Weddings? You Bet!

Written by Joe Donohoe

Not sure what gave me the idea to blog about casino weddings.  I sat brainstorming with a bright pink neon light glowing into my window.  I’m in Reno at the moment.  Staying in a casino.  But I digress.  As I said – no clue where the idea came from.  Maybe it’s because I find the idea quite charming.

A casino wedding is a young, fun, sometimes spontaneous way to make the big commitment.  A gambling town can generally offer all of the luxuries a Bride and Groom desire.  Your guests will be pleased that they can find entertainment before and after the festivities (nothing better than your reception, of course).  With gambling towns all over the world, casino weddings are no longer synonymous with an Elvis drive-up chapel in Vegas.   Thriving gambling communities are in The Bahamas, France, Australia, Aruba, New England, mountain towns in Colorado, San Diego, Niagara Falls, Atlantic City, and yes, even Reno (I saw a lovely wedding party here yesterday).  They are all set up to easily host a wedding.

Tips for planning your casino wedding…

  • Plan far in advance to ensure you get the date/season you want.
  • Find the perfect combo of a city you love and a casino that excites you.  Click here for a great list of gambling destination cities from
  • Make of a list of your top five cities.
  • STUDY STUDY STUDY!  Find out everything there is to know about your top 5 cities and its casinos.  Pick cities that have more than one casino that you love so that if you’re able to visit, you can compare more than just one.
  • Make phone appointments with the Wedding Coordinators from your top 5 casinos.  Ask LOTS of questions.  Ask what is included and if you must provide insurance.  Many casinos have exclusive caterers, photographers, or other vendors, so make sure to check on that.  Try to get a feel on if they will negotiate with you on price.
  • From your phone appointments, make a simple pros and cons list.  This should make it much clearer.
  • Narrow your list down to 2 cities with several casino options.
  • Visit.  This will be the true testament.

If any of our readers have had a casino wedding, please post pictures on our Facebook wall at

Photos for this post are by Kellie Coughlin in Denver, Colorado.  See more of her incredible work at

If anyone knows the name of the male model in the photos, let me know.  He seems cool.  Seems like the kinda guy I’d like to have a beer with.

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Written by Joe Donohoe, Assistant Director at Party Singers

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